Don’t Make These 5 Mobile Publishing Mistakes

With mobile quickly becoming the primary consumption device for many contents, it is important not to make these problems with Publishing technology to your audience:

Producing only a PDF or flipbook

Ensure your brand is readily accessible in a free moment in time by transforming your Publishing technology

into a trulymobile-optimised release. Your internet search engine discoverability will improve greatly, readers can find their way your publication with ease, and you will gain valuable tracking data that offers rich reader insights for both you and your advertisers.

This mistake is at the top of the list because PDFs and flipbooks are simply just not effective or engaging on mobile at all. They might need users to pinch and move excessively, which makes it difficult for your publication to learn on small displays, especially when on the go.

Presuming an app is the answer

Ensure your publication only takes an instant to discover, download, and view by optimising it for the mobile web. Unlike an app, which must be built for every single operating system, a web-based HTML Publishing technology can be utilized anytime, anywhere, on any device with a web browser and requires absolutely no plugins or downloads. Increase its discoverability further by posting direct links to popular HTML articles on your website or social media feeds.

Smartphone users are more and more on the run and demand quick, easy to consume information at their fingertips. When someone on the mobile sees your brand or advertisement, they are not looking to have to download an app to access content.

Not understanding your audience’s mobile behaviour

The surge of mobile has seen digital user behaviour become fragmented and unstable, numerous users consuming media on their smartphones in a nutshell bursts during the day. Readers are simply just not interesting with marketing on mobile in the same way that they are doing on thedesktop (or with print).

Keep track of how users connect to your publication through Yahoo Analytics to see how effective your current mobile strategy is. This user-friendly (and free!) online service enables you to keep tabs on when people are taking a look at your publications, what devices they are employing, how they are uncovering your Publishing technology, what articles people are reading, clicking on, and the time these are spending doing all of this. More details here:

Forgetting your advertisers

Mobile technology has made it possible for brands to garner wider attention and reach more targeted viewers in creative new ways, yet many publishers are failing woefully to leverage the efficient platform to its full probable. By 2019, mobile advertising spend is expected to nearly double today’s statistics to over $195 billion and will amass 70{9bb8e9dd4289d53b5dc4ecf220a4c2183707703ca078d7a554c0be46a469986e} of the full total digital market.

Offer marketers more value because of their investment by complimenting their print advertisings with an interactive advertising location in your mobile edition that engages and turns.

Assuming visitors only want the bare essentials on mobile

In a recent mobile behaviour article, 54{9bb8e9dd4289d53b5dc4ecf220a4c2183707703ca078d7a554c0be46a469986e} of respondents said that a lot of mobile-optimised sites do not provide enough information. Corresponding to ComScore, 2015 saw the number of mobile-only internet surfers top desktop-only, with this amount likely to continue growing. Many viewers will turn with their smartphone to consume inconvenient content moments during the day and often when on the go, such as when on the train commuting to and from work.

To help expand help you with mobile Publishing technology, we have put together 10 actionable strategies that you can implement right now to raise the reach and engagement of your publications, without investing any longer money on marketing.