Are You Tired of the Same Old Hook-Ups?

If you and your partner are looking to turn it up a notch in the bedroom (or red room), you might want to introduce the anal hook into your play. This is an ideal adventure for those into anal penetration and bondage, a great way to test the waters of restricted movement, and a good excuse to try out some new toys!

There are two main components of the anal hook: the ball for insertion and stimulation, and the other end which can be attached to ropes or other bondage equipment. Additionally, they are made of stainless steel and either U or J in shape and may even have multiple balls or no balls. Depending on the dom´s desire to punish or reward a sub, the hook can also be adjusted – a huge turn on for both parties. Furthermore, it is something both men and women can enjoy, since it is contoured perfectly for prostate stimulation.

The overarching purpose of this toy is to restrict any movement of the sub during play. Going further than the more conventional stimulation provided by a butt plug or vibrator, the anal hook can also be used in posture training using other BDSM equipment. Butt plugs are, however, unable to restrict movement in the same way an anal hook can, giving it that extra sex appeal which the former might be missing.

Naturally, BDSM beginners might feel a bit intimidated by the thought of the anal hook. However, this is a great toy to be enjoyed by more confident and experienced partners who enjoy bondage and suspension. Originating in Medieval times, it was once used for humiliation and torture and although it has now been adapted for safety in play, it is a great toy for those who want to explore their more sadist side and here is new pages from .

If you decide that you trust your partner enough to do this – and this trust is key -there are a few ways in which you might want to use the anal hook. For instance, you can use ropes to suspend your sub from the ceiling (NEVER suspend someone using just the hook), you can tie their hair or another bondage rope to the metal loop, or you can pop on a harness.

Using the anal hook is representative of the trust that you have developed, since the sub has completely handed control to the dom. This is why trust is hugely important. Communication is equally important so be sure to have a safe word, and make sure he knows how to get you out safely if there does happen to be an emergency (touch wood!!).

Of course, the sensation is entirely subjective. However, if you enjoy anal penetration, bondage and have a more adventurous side, the anal hook is definitely worth trying. If you are just starting out, you needn’t worry about a big fancy set-up but do be mindful of your safety – as this should always be a priority in any play.